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  • Cotton/Nylon FR Fabric - 88%Cotton 12%Nylon

  • Cotton/Nylon FR Fabric - 88%Cotton 12%Nylon

88% Cotton 12% Nylon Flame Retardant Hi-Vis Fluorescent Yellow Fabric

Hi-Vis Fluorescent Yellow Fabric is 88%cotton 12%nylon material, and the usual fabric weight is 240gsm±10gsm (7oz±5%). Order quantity is 1000m for fluorescent yellow and 3000m for regular color, color support Hi-Vis Fluorescent Yellow+custom color.

Product Description

This Cotton/Nylon FR Fabric is made of 88% cotton and 12% nylon and has been treated to be flame retardant and fluorescent. The cotton provides durability and breathability, while the nylon adds strength and stretch. The flame retardant treatment helps to prevent the fabric from catching fire and spreading flames, while the fluorescent treatment makes the fabric highly visible in low light conditions. It may be used for safety wear, workwear or other application that needs to be seen in low light conditions.

Product Parameters

Fabric Composition88%Cotton+12%Nylon = Cotton/Nylon FR Fabric
FinishXINXINGFR  or THPC treatment
Washing time50-100times
MOQ1000 meters for fluorescent yellow; 3000meters for other color
ColorHi-Vis fluorescent yellow+custom color
Washing fastness4-5 grade
Abrasion resistant4-5 grade
FeatureHigh quality cotton and nylon blending FR
Stand industrial washing above 50-100times
High tear strength, tensile strength and high fastness
XINXINGFR or THPC FR treatment
Extreme low content of formaldehyde
Standard: UL certificate ,NFPA2112, ASTM F1506,  ASTM F 1959, ANSI 107,
EN20471, EN ISO11611 ,EN ISO11612, IEC 61482-1-2
Both popular farbic in EU & USA market

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